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Meg Cabot

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Princess Diaries

The Princess Diaries Series

Her most famous novel yet was her contempary teen novel, The Princess Diaries, which was published in October 2000. The Princess Diaries is a series about a girl by the name of Mia Thermopolis who has just found out she is a princess of a small country in Europe, Genovia. She has to go through all the right procedures and steps in order to fufill her "royal duty," while also having to face normal teenage Boyfriends! The Princess Diaries has 9 books published in the series right now, including the how-to books...

A normal girl discovers a secret about herself...
She's the Princess of Genovia

When you're a princess you have to behave...
Because you're always in the spotlight

Mia is in love, but there's one problem...
She has a boyfriend

Mia is now in Genovia...
But can she handle the pressure of being a royal?

Princess Diaries 4 & 1/2

If Michael still loves Mia...
Then why isn't he asking her to the prom?

It's Christmas in Genovia with Michael &Lilly...
What does this mean for Princess Mia?

Be on the lookout for...
Princess Diaries VI: Princess in Training hits stores April 2005!!

How to be a Princess Guides....
Illustrations by Chesley Mclaren

The first steps to being a princess...

To be a Princess you don't have to be perfect....
But it helps to appear that you are.

To be a Princess...
You must keep a To-Do List

The Movies:

The movie based on the best selling series

Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagment hits theaters Wednesday- August 11, 2004