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Meg Cabot

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All American Girl

When you save the President of the United States' life...Things change

Under the name Meg Cabot she also published another contempary teen novel, All American Girl, which debuted in September 2002. It is the story of a normal sophomore girl by the name of Samantha Madison living in Washington, D.C. who saves the president's life. She's appointed Teen Ambassador of the UN and has caught the attention of the president's cute son!


Meg is writing a "sequel of sorts" for All American Girl- Ready or Not. It is due on shelves some time in 2005.

The Rights to All American Girl have been bought by Disney! Raven-Symone from Disney's That's So Raven is going to star as Sam!! It should hit theaters in 2005!

Now Available in Paperback

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All American Girl

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